The best etiquettes 2

Assalaam alaikum,

Today we will read ahadith number 22, 23, from English translation of book no 73, Kitab al-adab, [Good Manners and Form (Al-Adab)], of Sahih Bukhari, . In these ahadith we will read what our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him said about children. How loving and caring The Prophet was with the children? And how must we all elders must behave with children?

Volume 8, Book 73, Number 22:

Narrated Sa’id:

Um Khalid bint Khalid bin Said said, “I came to Allah’s Apostle along with my father and I was wearing a yellow shirt. Allah’s Apostle said, “Sanah Sanah!” (‘Abdullah, the sub-narrator said, “It means, ‘Nice, nice!’ in the Ethiopian language.”) Um Khalid added, “Then I started playing with the seal of Prophethood. My father admonished me. But Allah’s Apostle said (to my father), “Leave her,” Allah’s Apostle (then addressing me) said, “May you live so long that your dress gets worn out, and you will mend it many times, and then wear another till it gets worn out (i.e. May Allah prolong your life).” (The sub-narrator, ‘Abdullah aid, “That garment (which she was wearing remained usable for a long time”)

Caution, warn about, rebuke.

In the above hadith we see how loving and caring was our Prophet towards the children. He talked to the girl child in the child’s language i.e. Ethiopian, where as he himself was an Arab, just for the sake that the child remains familiar with him and feels his warmth of friendship and kindness. And when later on the child started playing with the seal of Prophet-hood, the prophet told his friend, the child’s father, not to stop her. Only because he wanted to see the child happy, he let her play.   

Volume 8, Book 73, Number 23:

Narrated Ibn Abi Na’m: I was present when a man asked Ibn `Umar about the blood of mosquitoes. Ibn `Umar said, “From where are you?” The man replied. “From Iraq.” Ibn `Umar said, “Look at that! he is asking me about the blood of Mosquitoes while they (the Iraqis ) have killed the (grand) son of the Prophet. I have heard the Prophet saying, “They (Hasan and Husain) are my two sweet-smelling flowers in this world.”

In the above hadith our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him compared children with sweet smelling flowers. We all know that the sweet smell of flowers is one of the most beautiful and lovely things of this world. Our Prophet loved sweet smells. He himself used to wear good perfumes and allowed Muslims to wear good smelling perfumes when going to mosques and compared children with sweet smelling flowers. Children fill human lives with pleasures, hopes and happiness and are soothing to the harsh lives. It is very comforting to be in company of children. The company of children is as comforting as to be in company of a sweet smell.  

Regards to all at home. Allah hafiz,



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