Kissing boys

Assalaam alaikum,

Today we will read hadith (tradition of Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him) number 27 from English translation of book no 73, Kitab al-adab, [Good Manners and Form (Al-Adab)], of Sahih Bukhari . Allah is merciful and likes those of His servants very much who are merciful towards His creations. In these ahadith we will read what our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him said about being merciful towards His All-Mighty’s creations.

Compassionate, kind forgiving, linient, generous, sympathetic.


Number 27: Narrated ‘Aisha: A Bedouin came to the Prophet and said, “You (people) kiss the boys! We don’t kiss them.” The Prophet said, “I cannot put mercy in your heart after Allah has taken it away from it.”


A nomadic Arab of the desert regions of Arabia and North Africa, who lives in the desert. Urdu: Baddu. Here ‘boys’ means sons. It is a way of Arabic expression.


EXPLANAION: Mercy is a virtue of human heart which is extremely appreciated by Allah Sub-han Wa Ta’ala. It is the need of all children that they must be sincerely loved, and it is also children’s need that the parental love must be shown physically to them. Just like any normal child, a male child also needs to be sincerely loved and also needs the parental love to be shown physically to him. Here we also remember any physical touch which results in the embarrassment, shame, discomfort, humiliation, awkwardness, for a person, in this case the child, is strictly prohibited by Allah. So as told in the above tradition of the Prophet Muhammad, even the words of a Prophet, which are so powerful and motivating, cannot put mercy in the heart of a person when Allah has taken the mercy away from his/her heart. Here we remember that it is the duty of a Muslim to wish for Paradise and try hard to enter paradise. Therefore he/she must practice such deeds which will take him/her to the Paradise, ‘the jannat’. Now the question arises which are those deeds that when practiced will take a Muslim to Paradise. The answer is all the good deeds which Allah appreciates and which are mentioned in The Holy Quran and in The Traditions of Our beloved Prophet must be practiced to earn Paradise ‘Jannat’. So one of those good practices is in front of our eyes as told in the above tradition, is to sincerely love and also show our sincere love to children, and to our sons too. Being merciful towards children is so extremely liked by Allah, that He Sub Han Wa Taala gives wonderful rewards, for being good to children, even in this world too. Those servants of Allah who are not sincere, merciful, and kind towards children, may they be their own children or someone else’s, earn the anger of Allah All-Mighty, and will be put in the torturous Fires of Hell in the hereafter. Being merciful with blood relations is one of the highest quality which Allah likes the most in His servants. For this quality Allah promises to reward even in this world. And those servants who practice against this quality, they commit such a big sin, for which Allah says, the punishment from Allah starts in this world too and is also given in the hereafter. May Allah make it easy for us all to behave kindly and mercifully to children, and to our sons too. Ameen, thume ameen.      



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