The financial rights of wife and children continuation of previous entry

In the last question we revised about who has the first lawful right on the income and earnings of a married man. There also we discussed about the financial rights of wife and children at a good length. The following question has been answered there too. To give this question a separate place it is now asked again separately.

Qn no 6….In light of Quran and Sunnah, which is the 2nd party claiming the most right [doosra ziada haq] on a married man’s earnings [kamaee], after his parents?

Pl choose any one of the following;

1…..his own food, clothes, house, business, hobbies etc. etc.

2…..his parents.

3…..his sisters, brothers and their children.

4…..his uncles, aunts and their children.

5…..his wife and children.

6…..his in-laws.

7…..his friends.

8…..his neighbors.



11…ghareeb, masakeen.

12…traveler [musafir].

Ans no 6: is option 5…..his wife and children.


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