Financial rights of a woman’s husband and her children on her earnings-continuation of previous two entries on the subject

It is a continuation of the last two questions. When a woman is earning and has husband & children too. Now the question arises, can her husband and children ask her to pay for their needs??

Qn no 7: According to Quran and Sunnat, how much right [haq] a woman’s husband and children have on her earnings [salary]?

1………10 %

2………50 %

3………75 %

4………100 %

5………None at all.

Ans no 7: is option 5………None at all.

An earning woman’s husband & kids have no lawful right, according to Islamic sharee’a, on her earnings because Allah Sub- Han Wa Ta’ala gave her husband this responsibility, to provide for the sustenance of his wife & kids. If the wife wants, she can give gifts (sadaqat) to her husband and kids, as much as she wants, and at any time of the year she wants. But husband & children can not request her or order her to do so. If the wife gives her husband & children any thing, it is because of her own good will. And if she decides not to give any thing then she has been given the choice to act that way by Allah All-Mighty.

So much so that, if the wife is earning well enough to fall in the category of ‘zakat givers’ where as the husband is so poor that he is falling in the category of ‘zakat receivers’, then the wife can give her share of ‘zakat’ to her husband & children. Where as if a husband is earning well enough to fall in the category of ‘zakat givers’ and the wife is not earning at all, even then the husband cannot give ‘zakat’ to his wife & children, because Allah Sub- Han Wa Ta’ala made him responsible for their sustenance.

May Allah make it easy for us all to observe, the wonderful & the best practical, rules of Islam and make us do more than that to fall in the category of ‘ehsaan’ doers. Ameen, Thume Ameen.

Ehsaan means to do more than what is required by Islamic Sharee’a or The Islamic Law.


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