Whole grains for good health.

This year since January I changed my diet from refined grains to whole grains and I have found that all the good things which I had read about the whole grains are really true. And I do not miss the refined grains at all. I want to tell all my family and friends about this episode of my life, which I found for myself so wonderful & full of energy and which I wish to continue till I die. I am eating whole wheat in place of normal white chakki atta, milled flour, chapati and I make brown rice for my self if I want to eat rice. Whole grains have all the vitamis & minerals e.g vit B1, B2, B3, E, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium,magnese, fiber and fat soluble fats. All this is in the covering which is lost while refining the grains. So it is important to eat whole grains as they are found in nature and in the natural state as Allah originally created them. This way I do not loose on essential fiber, vitamins & minerals. While eating whole wheat I find it very satiable for a long span of time, therefore I do not need to eat again and again after small intervals. With whole wheat I find my self more healthy and energetic whole day and do not need even an afternoon nap which I was taking almost regularly before taking whole wheat. It is very difficult and unhealthy to loose weight while eating refined foods like, sliced bread, buns, kubuz, burgers, speghetties, pastas and sandwiches made of refined floor. 
The recipe for cooking whole wheat, as I cook it for myself and eat it with anything (meat, vegetable, pulses, beans etc. etc. which I cook for all at home, and which I previously uesd to eat with chapati made of refined flour and refined white basmati rice.), is as follows:
1] Buy whole wheat which is unrefined and preferably of darker color.
2] Remove stones if any. Wash. [Soak in water for over night. When weather is too hot keep it in fridge. I have found that this, soaking, step is optional.]
3] In a large heavy bottom pan, put 3 cups water for every 1 cup of whole wheat. Warm it.
4] Drain whole wheat. Rinse again with water and put in the pan.
5] When it comes to boil, lower the flame to the lowest. Put aluminum foil on the mouth of pan. Put lid on it. Seal the mouth of the pan well, so as to air tight it. Put weight on the lid. Leave it for at least 2 hours.
6] After 2-5 hours when I open the lid mix and see that wheat is as tender as I want. If not so, I put the lid on it and let it cook for some more hours.
7]If it is tender, keep it on low flame without the lid, till water evaporates as much as possible. Then I put wheat in porcelean serving dishes and put it in fridge. I take out as much I wish to eat at a time. Warm it with out water and eat it with meat, vegetable, beans, pulses anything.
If any one is allergic to wheat please do not try whole wheat at all.
Allah gave us this life only for once and Allah orders us to take good care of it. And when we go back to meet Him All-Mighty in the Hereafter, we should be happy & satisfied that we kept ourselves strong and protected our bodies and mind the best way possible in this world. Practicing the best ways Allah showed us.

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