Qn 13 How can we defeat Satan?

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Qn no 13: How can we fight and defeat Satan ‘shaitan iblees’?

We can fight and defeat Satan ‘shaitan iblees’ by……..       [Choose any one from below]


1…………….keeping our physical and emotional health in perfect shape.

2…………….knowing more about science.

3…………….knowing more about Islam.

4…………….knowing more about psychiatry and psychology.

5…………….practicing Islam and spending our whole life in pleasing Allah.

6…………….increase our knowledge of ‘hikmat’

7…………….increase our level of ‘taqwa’ to fight Satan ‘shaitan iblees’.

8…………….all of the above.

9…………….none of the above.


‘Taqwa’ means to abstain or stop one’s self from doing any wrong [haram]. This is a high level of purification of human spirit. There is a big difference between not doing wrong [haram] and trying to do noble work to please Allah. Love can do marvels in humans and love of ‘Allah and Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him’ is the best of all loves as we are taught in Islam. Doing work to please Allah is actually a higher state of mind, a higher level than the ‘taqva’, which Allah appreciates the most in humans. Love of Allah gives strength to do impossible. It was precisely because of this (working to please Allah), that Muslims of Arabia were able to stand up from sheer nothingness and spread through out the world, to rule it. So…

Answer no 13: is option 5. We can fight and defeat Satan ‘shaitan iblees’ by practicing Islam and spending our whole life in pleasing Allah.

The easiest practical way to defeat Satan ‘shaitan iblees’ is to do following;

When we start our work reciting ‘in the name of Allah’, with [ta’ooz] ‘Aoozobillahi min ashaitan nirra jeem’ I seek refuge in Allah from Satan the accursed  and [tasmiya] ‘Bismillah hir Rahmanir Raheem’ In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, we immediately realize our mistake, if we are going to do any wrong [haram]. Also with ‘Aoozobillah and Bismillah’ if we make a supplication ‘du’aa’ before starting every work, ‘please Allah do accept this work of mine and complete it in the best way’, surely Satan ‘shaitan’ will be warded off and hopefully we will be doing the best work with peace of mind , as we will have Allah’s help and blessing ‘barkat’ in it. Allah helps only in good deeds.

So the habit of remembering Allah before every work keeps all wrong doings away from us. Because before starting a wrong doing, in which there is Allah’s anger, we cannot ask for His Almighty’s help. We will immediately realize our mistake and this will stop us from doing the wrong.

May Allah keep us away from all wrongs. Ameen.


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