May-12-2008 Part 3-AVM Mohammad Latif Tambra shaheed

Daddyjan retired in June 1986, at the age of 58 years, from PAF Korangi Creek at the rank of Air Vice Marshal. Our Daddyjan spent his Leave Prior Retirement also in the PAF base Korangi Creek, Karachi. Our Daddyjan used to enjoy golf during those LPR days. He became the member of the Karachi golf club also. He was also member of the Retired Officers Association. After retirement our Daddyjan attended many PAF Days which are held on the seventh of September every year. Our Daddyjan’s third daughter was married off in 1987.

Soon after his retirement our Daddyjan joined a construction company.

In 1989 our beloved Daddyjan went through an operation and the gallbladder was removed because it had stopped working due to formation of gall stones in it. Our Daddyjan’s doctor advised him to stop smoking cigarettes. After that episode he did not smoke at all. Our Daddyjan used to say ‘After forty years, I quit smoking’. In December 1990 our Daddyjan’s youngest daughter was married off.

When our beloved Daddyjan turned seventy in 1998, we all, many times repeatedly requested our Daddyjan to, please, leave the job and does not do any thing. We used to ask him this till his death. We used to tell him you have done job for quite long now; it’s time that you quit and take some rest. (aap ne bohot kaam kiya hai. Ab aap aaram kijiye). Our sweet Daddyjan used to reply (main aaram se hoon bête aap pareshaan na hon) ‘I am at rest; you don’t worry too much bete (daughter)’. We used to tell our Daddyjan that he didn’t need to do any job now. But our beloved Daddyjan in his typical light hearted and cheerful way used to reply if I quit the job, what will I do then? Just watch television whole day? And read newspapers? He did not like this type of life. He liked to work and he used to enjoy working.

In 1995 our both parents went to perform The Hajj. When they came back they both had fever and both were very sick. But they both recovered quickly. They bought many things for us from there. Before going for The Hajj, our Daddyjan used to complete recitation of one Quran, every Ramadan, before 27th of Ramadan. But since they came back from The Hajj, our Daddyjan started completing the recitation of two Qurans every Ramadan. In 2007also our Daddyjan completed the recitation of two Qurans by the 27th of Ramadan. May Allah accept all our Daddyjans worships (ibadah). Ameen, thume ameen.

In the year 2000, my husband and I, needed a reliable person to whom we could give full authority so he could manage, on our behalf, all the responsibilities of a house owner including taking the possession of the house in Karachi, while we were out of the country. When we approached Daddyjan he was available all the time for us, and he helped us from taking the possession of the house, to putting it on rent, to each and every big and small job concerning that house. We both husband and wife were extremely thankful to our Daddyjan and when we expressed our gratitude he was very happy. He accepted our thanks and cheerfully said ‘All is yours bete (daughter)’. Our Daddyjan helped us till his death. We are greatly indebted. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen, thume ameen.

In 2002 when I visited my parents, I came to know, our Daddyjan had a terrible pain in the upper abdomen. It persisted for a couple of seconds but it was extremely painful. After a couple of years it happened again. It was for two or three seconds but it was excruciating. The blood tests showed that it was pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is genetically inherited. Our Daddyjan’s physicians told us pancreatic pain of this kind is life threatening. The pancreas becomes swollen and its juices, which are, in normal cases, essential for the digestion of the food, start dissolving the pancreas itself. This is why the pain occurs. Allah The-Life-Giver accepted our Daddyjan’s worships (ibadah), good deeds (nekiyan) and good intentions and took him out of that life threatening situation. So with the blessings of Allah The All-Giver, our Daddyjan recovered fully, after these two episodes. Then in the end of December of 2006, pain returned again. This time it was for a little more seconds than before. Our Daddyjan had to be hospitalized for two weeks. Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala accepted our and our Daddyjan’s worships (ibadah), his good deeds (nekiyan), and good intentions again, took him out of that life threatening situation and postponed the death for the third time too, and gave our Daddyjan life again. This time his hemoglobin count became very low. This was because by birth our Daddyjan had a different type of blood called sickle cell trait. This is also genetically inherited. Due to sickle cell trait when ever the body goes through some sickness the anemia occurs. With Allah Ta’ala’s blessings Daddyjan became completely well after wards. After about nine months our beloved Daddyjan was able to keep all the fasts in the Ramadan, and was able to recite two Qurans as before by the 27th Ramadan. May Allah accept all his worships (ibadah). Ameen, thume ameen.


When I came to know about our Daddyjan’s pancreatitis and sickle cell trait I started reading extensively on these topics from the internet. The more I knew the more I prayed to Allah The All-Giver, for our Daddyjan’s long life with out any disabilities. I wanted to find a natural remedy for these conditions. Actually our Daddjan normally used to remain very healthy except for these three occasions when our Daddyjan fell sick. That was also just for a couple of seconds, in his whole 79 years of life. Our Daddyjan had been extremely lucky by the blessings of Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala. Still I wanted to find some solution through diet so that our Daddyjan’s life could become painless for ever. With the blessings of Allah I wanted to see the pain be removed from our Daddyjan’s life for ever, even if it was for one second only. I came to know the genetic disposition could not be changed because the bodies were programmed like this by Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala. What we could do, is to take a balanced diet on daily basis, a diet rich in minerals specially. Our mother used to take great care of our Daddyjan’s diet. I requested our Daddyjan to take whole wheat so he started to take it in the breakfast with milk. When he was recovering from pancreatitis I advised him to take vegetable juice one mug daily for speedy recovery. Our Daddyjan was a wonderful person. He took my advice and it helped him a lot. I remember when our paternal grand mother, mohtarema Noor Bibi sahiba, died our Daddyjan had chest pain. The pain was not much but any pain in the chest had to be handled seriously. After recovering from that pain our Daddyjan never ever had any muscle pain through out his life. Now I read on the internet that people with sickle cell may experience muscle pain in the chest, arms and legs when the body goes through extra exertion because of any sickness or any trauma. And also there is a danger of stroke. In the early 2000s our Daddyjan’s younger brother, our uncle janab Noor Elahi Tambra sahab, died in Sialkot. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen. Our Daddyjan’s another brother, our uncle janab Mohammad Tufail Tambra sahab, who is younger than uncle Noor Elahi had a stroke and had paralysis. May Allah be kind to him. Ameen, thume ameen.

In 2003, at the age of 75 years, our Daddyjan got himself enrolled with Allama Iqbal Open University to learn Arabic language through the distance learning program. But then he had to quit it because he developed cataract. He got operated in one eye, for the other eye his doctor had not advised him yet.

Many times I used to request him to write his autobiography. In his last days he agreed to this request. Two days before he died I suggested that in case if he did not remember any incidents of his life he could see the photos and then he would remember and would be able to write about them. Our Daddyjan laughed and said cheerfully; ‘I don’t have to see the photos. I remember every detail vividly and clearly’.

Daddyjan used to create diversity from ordinary sentences. Many times when I used to call our Daddyjan, I would ask him ‘How are you Daddyjan?’. This was a normal way of inquiring about health. He would reply, “I am better than before”. Then I would ask apprehensively, “What happened before, Daddyjan?” And he would cheerfully say, “Before also nothing happened. I was fine before too, and I am fine now also”.

Many a times I told our Daddyjan, I was very thankful to him that he brought us up in such a beautiful atmosphere- an atmosphere full of contentment and happiness, which he created by his sincere, good and jolly behavior, and was according to Quran and Sunnah. Cheerfully he would reply ‘All is yours bete (daughter)’.

As Muslims we strongly believe that the time of death and the place of death are decided by Allah All-Mighty in the womb of the mother before a person is even born. The person comes to that place where he/ she has to die, on his/ her own two feet. So there are no doubts about the death. All minute details about the birth and the death are strictly decided by Allah The-Merciful. If Allah wants the worships, the prayers, the supplications, good intentions and good deeds can help to postpone the death. Allah may postpone the death if He wills, but He never cancels it because it is Allah’s law for His creations, that what ever living or non-living He creates has to die and finish from this world. This was the way Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala planned the death for our beloved Daddyjan. This was the way in which lay the happiness of Allah All-Mighty therefore, as good Muslims, we accept His Sub Han Wa Ta’ala’s ways and decisions, which are the best ways and the best decisions ever possible. In our grief we behave the way Allah The Merciful instruct us to behave. We pray for our Daddyjan and repeat his good deeds.  Our beloved Daddyjan had a strong belief and a strong trust in Allah All-Mighty. He drew strength from Quran and Sunnah. Our Daddyjan knew he will die only when his appointed time comes. So when his time came… he died. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen, thume ameen. Our Daddyjan’s life, was a life, well spent. Jazakallah khair. English: May Allah give him good rewards for his good deeds. Ameen, thume ameen.

The investigations about the death of our innocent Daddyjan are still going on therefore I am advised not to write anything about our Daddyjan’s job or where he worked due to obvious reasons.

It is Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala’s promise with His all the devout faithfuls, that when a devout faithful dies, he/she is praised by angels and also praised by all the living and non living creations of Allah in this world and also in the other worlds, as soon as they all know about the death of the devout faithful. Allah is The Best Fulfiller of His Promises.

As a Muslim we also believe that the person, who kills one innocent person, kills the whole humanity. When a sinner dies his/ her life (rooh) is taken out of the body with great pain and torture. And all the living and non living creations of Allah All-Mighty in this world and also in the other worlds, curse the sinner, as soon as they know about the death of the sinner. Murder of an innocent person, is one of those sins, for which Allah All-Mighty promises, the punishment will start in this world and will continue in the Hereafter too. Allah is The Best Fulfiller of His Promises.

My heart bleeds and cuts into pieces when I write these lines, that our innocent Daddyjan was brutally murdered in front of his own office building, where he used to go daily for work. It happened in the broad day light at around 11 o’ clock in the morning. When he just stepped out of the car, this was company’s car given to our Daddyjan to commute daily to work place. Our Daddyjan took some steps towards the office building a man came near him from the opposite side and shot our Daddyjan at close range, once at the back of his head and thrice in the chest. The murderer sped away on his motorcycle and threw his helmet on the side of the road while he sped away. These details of the murder was given by Khaj Muhammad, driver of the company, and who was present at the site of the murder.  

We all, janab AVM Tambra sahab’s whole family, janab AVM Tambra sahab’s friends and all the people who knew, janab AVM Tambra sahab, want to know the motive behind janab AVM Tambra sahab’s murder. Why this murder was so very necessary? Why it could not be avoided? Who benefited from this murder? Who was the conceiver of this merciless action? Who was the planner, the financier, the helper and the executioner? Like our innocent Daddyjan, we also depend only on Allah All-Mighty. We pray and put all our hopes only in Allah All-Mighty that, ‘with out any harm to the lives of each member of our family, He All-Mighty will make waseela (English: helpers) for us in this world and soon He All-Mighty will put each one of the culprits in the custody of the law enforcement agencies. Ameen, thume ameen. And that also with out any harm to the lives of our family members because when our innocent Daddyjan was murdered, all those who were involved, they and their families, were safe in their lives. We know this will be a miracle. We all know it’s only Allah The All Mighty, Who has the powers to do the miracles. We pray it happens for our innocent Daddyjan. Ameen, thume ameen.

When our innocent Daddyjan was murdered some newspapers acted extremely irresponsibly. They published the news that our Daddyjan was owner of some company which is a hard core falsehood. The truth is there is no company or no business what so ever, registered in our innocent Daddyjan’s name. The newspapers should first verify the news from the concerned departments of the government and then publish it. If the management of all those newspapers which published that news, have any morals left in them, should apologize, first from Allah All Mighty, then from janab AVM Mohammad Latif Tambra sahib and then from the family of AVM Mohammad Latif Tambra sahab for publishing sheer falsehood. And in future they must completely abstain from publishing any news without first verifying it. It’s easy to catch the people who try to malign the good name of our innocent Daddyjan because when one finger points to our innocent Daddyjan three fingers point towards the culprits too.

Just like the head of our family, our beloved Daddyjan, all the rest of our family members are also very optimistic by nature. Therefore we hope there are honest, dependable, Allah-fearing, trustworthy, reliable and un-bribable people in our law enforcement agencies, who will themselves, Inshallah, come up and make the lives of the grieving family of janab AVM Mohammad Latif Tambra sahab more secure. And while doing so catch the culprits taking care that no harm is caused to the lives and property of the family of janab AVM Mohammad Latif Tambra sahab. May Allah bless our law enforcement agencies and make their authority more powerful so they are able to curb the miscreants effectively, with an iron hand, Ameen, thume amen.

Our innocent Daddyjan had no personal enmity with any one. He was always open to discussions, parleys, negotiations and dialogues. He believed in finding solutions through parleys and dialogues. He was admired and respected by all. Till his last breath our Daddyjan was the same lively, jolly, down to earth, selfless, honest, trustworthy, hardworking, pious, brave, chaste, modest, truthful and sincere person, whom we and all who knew him, respected and admired. I believe our beloved Daddyjan was deceived and betrayed. Our Daddyjan was stabbed at the back. I request all those who read this article, please do pray for our Daddyjan, that may Allah give our Daddyjan a higher place in The Paradise (The Jannat Al Firdaous) among the pious and the good-doers (mohsineen). Ameen, thume ameen. And also please pray that with out any harm to our lives, each one who is involved in our Daddyjan’s murder is captured immediately and is put to justice in this world and also in The Hereafter. Ameen. Thume Ameen.

Thank you very much for being with me. May Allah bless you. Ameen, thume ameen.


P.S; Every one calls my father shaheed because my father prayed till late that night which was the 27th of Ramadan. And because of the very fact that my father died on 27th Ramadan he is called shaheed. And also because my father died when he was on the job.



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