Qn-Ans no 17: Why Islam is needed in this world?

Revelation of Islam to this world is the divine work of Allah Ta’alah. We can never, na’oozobillah, question Allah Almighty as to why did He Sub Han Wa Ta’ala do a certain thing. We are lucky that Allah sent the true religion, Islam, to us. Islam is a blessing to the whole world. We the faithfulls, ask questions to acquire the peace of our hearts and minds so that our faith gets more strengthened. We are told through The Quran, when Allah wants to do something, He just gives the command, ‘kunn’ [be it] and it happens. Whatever He, subhan wa ta’alah, does is valuable, precise and extremely needed. Huge or tiny everything in this world is extremely important. Allah made nature such that nothing in this world is un-appropriate or worthless. Rules of nature are very balanced, well proportioned and very important. Due to our lack of knowledge we may think of some thing as un-important still we do not find them negating these rules. So in the light of these teachings, the most fundamental question can be asked, the answer to which is in Quran and Ahadith the Traditions of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.

We know Islam is a continuation of same religion, ‘deen e Ibrahimi’, that Jews and Christians follow. Jews and Christians are referred to, as ‘people of the book’ in Quran. When already Judaism ‘yahoodiyet’ and Christianity ‘isaeeyet’ existed and both follow ‘deen e Ibrahimi’, then why Islam had to come? So this is our next question. Why there arose the need to send Islam in this world?

Qn no 17: Why Islam is needed in this world?

Islam is needed in this world because……….. [Choose the most appropriate one]

1………….. Common Christians and Jews made their religious scholars as important in their lives as, na’oozobillah, their god. Common man could not read the religious book. Therefore for them, halal was what scholars declared halal and haram was what scholars declared haram.

2…………..Christian and Jew scholars changed the religion themselves to please the rich and the influential.

3…………..Christian and Jew scholars invented many new rituals and deeds themselves, ‘bida’aten’ which they said were from their religious book, making life difficult for commoners.

4…………. Christians and Jews started to practice ‘shirk’.

5………….There was no justice for commoners, and scholars did not stop people from doing haram.

6…………. torah and bible [injeel], are incomplete in knowledge.

7………….In torah and bible [injeel], there is a prediction that a last prophet will come.

8…………. Islam completes the basic religion ‘Deen e Ibrahimi’. An Islamic society is based on divine rules and regulations given by Allah which cannot be changed by anybody. In Islamic society the ruler is actually the servant, where justice is above all, the weak have rights and miscreants are punished. Every Muslim is expected to know the holy book ‘quran’ thoroughly and the Traditions of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. They are also expected to practice it completely and to tell others about it. Allah sent Muhammad PBUH, as the last prophet, as He, subhan wa ta’alah, promised to Jews and Christians, in torah and bible. Allah will not send any new prophet till the Day of Judgment ‘qiyamat’.

9………….Many times before Islam, torah was destroyed and burnt, and bible was changed.

10………..all of the above.

11………..none of the above.

Options 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 are all reasons for Islam to come. All these options are summarized in option 8. After the death of Christ for some period of time, Christians practiced the teachings of Christ, but after that when the Christians started to expand the religion to other parts of the world, in the process they came close to the ancient Greek philosophy, got impressed by it and included the belief of trinity in Christianity from them.

Answer to Qn no 17 is option 8.

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