28 Jan 2009/ 2 Safar 1430 Sheikh Moslehedin Sa’adi Shirazi qouted by AVM Mohammad Latif Tambra sahab.

Assalaam alaikum,

There are infinite incidents I remember about our Daddyjan, Janab AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra sahab, daily, with out fail. Our Daddyjan was a great admirer of Sheikh Moslehedin Sa’adi Shirazi. Our Daddyjan remembered many anecdotes of this great teacher, writer and poet which he used to quote to us smilingly and jovially. Together with our mother we daughters used to enjoy them very much. The earliest I remember is when I was in high school, may be in class 6th or 7th, when our Daddyjan told us this story of Sheikh Saadi which was about a bird and a bird catcher. This story comes to my mind again and again these days because our Daddyjan quoted it during his last years too. I want to share it with you today. The story goes like this.

Once when Sheikh Saadi was going some where, on the way he saw a bird sitting on a tree. Under the same tree, Sheikh Saadi saw a bird catcher, sitting with his bird catching net, perfectly in place, well installed. Sheikh Saadi advised the bird to fly away from this place so that he might not be caught in the bird catcher’s net. The bird replied, he had flown to many lands, drank from many far away springs and seen the world closely. So he had perfect experience which ultimately made him very wise therefore he is fully capable of defending himself. The bird told Sheikh Saadi soon he will fly away and he will never be trapped in this bird catcher’s net. Sheikh Saadi smiled and continued his journey.

While coming back, Sheikh Saadi passed by the same place again. To Sheikh Saadi’s surprise he found the same wise bird caught in the bird catcher’s net. Sheikh Saadi asked the bird ‘what happened? You were a well travelled, well experienced and a wise bird how come you are caught in the net?’ The bird replied, ‘I was caught because my fate was destined to be so, as decided by Allah All-Mighty.’

Another incident I remember and I want to share it with you is, three or four months before our Daddyjan’s death I asked him on phone, ‘what is the colour of whole wheat Daddyjan?’ As I found two shades of whole wheat were available in the market. Daddyjan laughed and cheerfully replied, ‘the colour of whole wheat is same as my colour bête [daughter]’. And I laughed and said, ‘if the color of whole wheat is like your color Daddyjan then it is the most beautiful color in the world’.

May Allah give our Daddyjan a higher place nearer to Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala, [in Allah Ta’ala’s Jaware Rehmat] in Paradise [in Janatulfirdaus]. Ameen.

Thanks for being with me. Please pray for our Daddyjan. Ameen.

May Allah bless you and your family. Ameen.

Allah hafiz.


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