Feb-18-2009 SkinnyMan remembers Major Muhammad Latif Tambra.

Assalaam alaikum,

Just by chance I found the following on the internet. Here I found Our Beloved Daddyjan’s (may his soul rest in peace. Ameen) name mentioned as he was when he was living…… a lively, jovial, truthful, honest and harworking person. He was the same person till he died on the 10th of October 2007. So I want to share it with you.

In the following mail SkinnyMan is not the real name but I believe the person behind this name is a real one and he is a thorough gentleman. I have great regard for this person and I respect him very much because he was our Daddyjan’s friend. He knew our Daddyjan. He liked him and remembered him fondly even after such a long time. As I remember last time our Daddyjan set foot on American soil was in the end of 1960’s till the beginning 1970’s. Keeping this in view Mr. SkinnyMan has a wonderfully vivid memory and still he is a wonderful person to be with because a person’s past experiences count a lot in that person’s present life. And also because what a person chooses [to remember] determines what a person actually and really is. Our Daddyjan also had an extremely vivid memory of his American friends and our Daddyjan also always remembered them fondly. I believe as our Daddyjan was a jolly, good natured, honest, agreeable person so is Mr. SkinnyMan.

The following mail was posted in June 2005. At that time our beloved Daddyjan was alive and healthy. If I had known about it then, it would have made our Daddyjan extremely happy. May be he would have contacted Mr. SkinnyMan himself. But Allah wished the other way so it all happened this way. I came to know about Mr. SkinnyMan after one year and four months past the death of our Daddyjan.

Although this mail which I copy-pasted here is a reply to, as it appears to be, a mail which was quite a racially discriminating mail but I find here that Mr. SkinnyMan is an intelligent, a sober, a peace loving and a thorough gentleman. I think all this is possible because he remembers good experiences from his past and he did not let those good experiences get polluted by the present way of happenings. I totally agree with him that any one type of people or country or nation must not be labelled as terrorists because this way terrorism will never be culminated from this world. I believe hate always propagates destruction and love always propagates peace.


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Originally posted by pocket3799:
As this test has shown, there are absolutely no patterns anywhere to justify racial profiling.

Can you say Eco terrorist? And what Muslim man blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City? Who blew up the Cuban airliner (killing civilians) and is seeking asylum in the U.S.? What muslim man placed all the bombs in London protesting the occupation of Northern Ireland? Was it a muslim terrorist who killed Lord Mountbatten of England with a bomb? No, it was an Irish Catholic terrorist. How many muslims were in the Bader Meinhoff gang in Germany? How many muslim men were in the Red Brigade in Italy? Was Edward Kosenski (Sp?) the UnaBobmber a muslim?

Have you ever met a Christian Palestinian? I have.

One of my very good college friends was a Major in the Pakistan Air Force – Major Mohamed Latif Tambra. A gentleman through and through. One of my roommates in Hoyt Hall at the University of Wyoming was a devout muslim from Afghanistan. My other roommate was a self proclaimed agnostic from California. I was the token christian. But we got along very well.

There are whackos of every persuasion.

Tupelo, MS

Thank you, Thank you very much!

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May Allah bless you and make your life easy and peaceful for you. Ameen.

Thank you very much for being with me.

Regards to elders, love to kids,

Allah hafiz,



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