High Hopes Even After Two Years

11th Oct 2009- 22nd Sawwal 1430

Our innocent father Janab Air Vice Marshall Muhammad Latif Tambra sahab, FIR No 387/07, was brutally murdered on the 10th of October 2007. His murderers are all still at large. Nobody is there to catch them because law enforcement agencies are protecting the criminals. Any person who facilitates a crime is also a criminal and must be captured and must be punished with the criminals. All those who helped and facilitated the murderers and their accomplices, to kill their innocent employee, Janab AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra sahab, must be captured and must be punished immediately.

Now it is about time that the very Karachi Police on whom the murderers depend so much must turn against them. Police will capture them (Inshallah) and put them behind bars (Inshallah). Police knows the murderers very well. It is highly unimaginable, impractical and it can never be possible, that Police did not keep its records straight and did not collect any evidences at all. Murder was committed in broad daylight at 11 O’ Clock in the morning. There were many witnesses around. A brilliant officer of Karachi Police, Inspector investigations, Hussain Ahmad Nasir Lodhi, did a very good job as far as the investigations are concerned. But he did not capture the murderers, nor any of their accomplices were captured. These all murderers and their accomplices can not run away from law any more. The times have changed now. The time is ripe for their capture and their punishment. All eyes are on Pakistan Police now. It is high time for the Pakistan Police to show Pakistani Nation and the American Nation, how efficient and capable Pakistan Police are. Pakistan Police must capture both of these culprits and also capture their accomplices immediately. Their capture will strengthen and build trust of Pakistani Nation and of American Nation, on Pakistan Police. We hope soon a ‘Chalan’ is submitted by Karachi Police and Pakistan courts will take appropriate action, punish each culprit according to his crimes- ear for an ear, eye for an eye and life for a life.

We know all these culprits are having sleepless nights. They will be captured any time now. And when it happens we will gladly share the good news with the entire world. Ameen.


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