Missing Janab AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra sahab on his 82nd birthday

10 Mar 2010/ 24 Rabi al Awwal 1431
Today I want to remember, with all my family members and friends, our dear, dear Daddyjan Janab AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra sahab. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen.
Our dear, dear Daddyjan’s birthday passed just a few days back, on the 3rd of March 2010 [on 3rd Mar 2010 (Gregorian calendar) was 18 Rabi al Awwal 1431 (Hijri calendar)] when this great man was born 82 years back (Gregorian calendar) and 85 years back (Hijri calendar). Our dear, dear Daddyjan was murdered on the 27th of Ramazan 1428/ 10th of Oct 2007. Even after two years and five months of our Daddyjan’s passing we feel as if he is still with us in our day to day routine. We can see his face lit up brightly, smiling. We remember at what things he used to laugh. His laughter was a loud, hearty laughter, with happily shining eyes, going along with a clap, and then pushing one palm into the other emphasizing the enjoyment, and emphasizing the laughing matter. This was distinguishingly and exclusively, only and only our dear, dear Daddyjan’s way of laughter. It showed the excitement, and the enjoyment which used to be extremely contagious. All around would be engulfed into it, in no time. Then it would be remembered for the centuries to come.
We see him sitting in the porch in the morning and reading the newspaper, where he used to sit and used to read it daily. When I get up early in the morning in my home, to pray, I remember my dear, dear Daddyjan also used to get up at this time to offer fajr prayers. He was an early riser all his life. After prayers he used to recite the holy Quran for a while. He had different volumes of The Holy Quran with him. Each volume was different in that each explanation was written by a different scholar. The one which he was reading during his last days was a Quran with translation by Maulana Mahmood Hasan sahab and explanation by Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani sahab. Like all other translations and explanations our Daddyjan found this explanation also extremely interesting and absorbing. This one was a gift to him from a friend.
After reading and recitation of The Holy Quran our dear, dear Daddyjan used to go out in the lawn to take a little walk inhaling fresh morning air, rich with sweet smells of flowers, listening to the bird’s sweet songs, observing the buds blooming into flowers with each passing day.
By this time our respected mother would also come and accompany him. They would appreciate the weather, the air, the birds, and the flowers together. After the walk our dear, dear parents used to sit on the chairs in the porch. Our dear, dear Daddyjan would read the newspaper. Then they both would share the news from the newspaper, and have comments on them.
Then my dear, dear both parents would go in the kitchen with the domestic help to have their breakfast together. After breakfast our Daddyjan would go to the washroom to get ready for the busy day ahead. Our Daddyjan always liked to have breakfast before getting ready. And in the mean time our mother would pack the lunch for our Daddyjan to take it to his office. Our Daddyjan always used to take lunch from home when he could not come back home for lunch. He did not like to eat ready made meals from the commercial outlets. Only when he was in the Pakistan Air Force he used to come back home at lunch time. When he was in Paris he used to take lunch with him to his office. And while working in the Jason Construction Company (Pvt) Limited also he used to take lunch with him. Our darling mother used to put it nicely in a tiffin carrier which was then put in a beautiful basket along with a spoon, a fork, a knife, a glass and a thermos flask for cold water. A beautifully embroidered cloth would cover everything in the basket. This way our Daddyjan would have his fresh home made lunch daily in his office before the Zuhur prayers. Our dear Daddyjan always used to have lunch before the Zuhur prayers. This lunch was made extremely carefully at home by our lovely respected mother. It used to be a well balanced lunch complete with meat, vegetable, chapatti, salad and fruit.
By the time our dear Daddyjan finished lunch it would be perfect time to go to the near by mosque for Zuhur prayer congregation. So after the lunch our dear Daddyjan would go to the mosque by foot because it was so near and our Daddyjan used to offer Zuhur prayers there.
We knew our dear, dear Daddyjan’s life routine so well, that it was very easy for us to guess what he would be doing at any particular moment of time, even if we lived in our own homes separated from him by miles of distances. This was his humble morning; indeed humble, interesting and lovely in every way.
May Allah give him place in the Jannat al Firdaus among The Illeyeen ‘good doers’ and may Allah let him be with the people he loved in this worldly life. Ameen. Thume ameen.
With The Order ‘Hukum’ of Allah the murderers of Janab AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra sahab and all the accomplices of the murderers be captured by the Pakistani law enforcement agencies soon. Inshallah. Ameen. The day the murderers and their accomplices are captured they all admit their sins. Inshallah. Ameen. And then they get punished according to their sins, in this world, and also in the Hereafter. Inshallah. Ameen.
Thank you very much for being with me. 

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