Laila Tul Qadr- The Night of Decree

6- September- 2010, 27th– Ramadan- 1431

In Arabic language ‘Laila’ means night. Therefore before we start reading about ‘Laila Tul Qadr’, ‘The Night of Decree’, we have to understand what is the beginning of a normal day? The beginning of a normal day always starts at the mid-night of the previous ending day. After the beginning of the new day at mid-night the brightness of the day follows. Then the long bright day passes through towards finally ending into the darkness. Then in the darkness of previous ending day at mid-night the other new day is born. This is the daily cycle of the day and the night. The day always born in the mid-night of previous day.

So during the ending night of 26th Ramadan, at mid-night the day of 27th Ramadan, is born. This starting night of 27th Ramadan is the special night of worship for Muslims. Actually whole of the last ten nights (the last ‘ashara) of Ramadan are the special nights of worship. The most special nights are the odd counting nights among them. And the starting night of 27th Ramadan holds a special significance among all the starting nights of Ramadan. It is supposedly called ‘Laila tul qadr’, supposedly because no night is pin pointed by Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala that this particular night is the blessed ‘Laila Tul Qadr’. ‘Laila Tul Qadr’ means ‘The Night of Decree’. In the night of ‘Laila Tul Qadr’ Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala started sending Holy Quran to the Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH through the angel Gabriel ‘Jibraeel’. Worship of Allah during this night is better than the worships of a thousand months. So this is a special night. Angels descend along with the angel Gabriel ‘Jibraeel’ by Allah’s permission bringing along all Decrees for this world. The doors of exceptional blessings are opened during this night. What ever is asked from Allah is surely given more importance by Him Sub Han Wa Ta’ala. Supplications are accepted. Rewards are given. Matters of lives and deaths are concluded. In this night the faults and sins are forgiven. A new lease of life is given to a Muslim by Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala. A Muslim starts a new life, a life with out sins, after praying in this night for forgiveness from Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala and after leaving the sins forever. 


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