Remembering Janab AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra Shaheed- 3rd year

6- September- 2010, 27th– Ramadan- 1431

This day our dear respected innocent Daddyjan was murdered by four bullets, one in the head and three in the chest, three years back on the 27th of Ramadan 1428, when our sweet, beloved Daddyjan was 79 years of age. May his soul rest in peace. Aameen. We remember our dear, beloved, innocent Daddyjan spent this night, the night of 27th of Ramadan, praying to Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala. After the prayers he kept fast for the day. Our beloved mother requested our dear beloved Daddyjan not to go to office that day, as she knew he had been praying most of the night. But our innocent, pious Daddyjan was so dutyfull. In his easy going way he replied I only have to go to the office and then come back. There is not much work there these days. That day Allah chose to bring him back to heavens. This beautiful day was chosen for our dear beloved Daddyjan to go back to Allah. He would have gone there any way because his chosen appointed time had arrived. But the restless killers took the burden of our dear, innocent Daddyjan’s passing on their weak shoulders. We pray, and we ask all the respected readers too to pray with us that soon the killers and their accomplices be captured and be punished by the state of Pakistan. Insha-Allah. Aameen.

As during all the previous Ramadans, during this Ramadan too, our dear beloved Daddyjan practiced the routine of giving one bed set each to every person employed by him at his home. The domestic help included a servant, a gardner, and a house maid. Although the driver was provided by the company where our dear innocent Daddyjan worked, still our dear beloved Daddyjan used to give the driver too this gift of bed set. The bed set included one cotton filled mattress (gad-da) with one bed sheet, one pillow with pillow cover, one cotton filled comforter (raza-ee). Along with these were given some eatables like floor, rice, sugar, milk, ghee and oil too to each person. All this our dear innocent Daddyjan used to give usually before the middle of Ramadan. This Ramadan too our dear beloved mother handed over these things to all of these domestic helpers including the driver. Then on the 27th of Ramadan our dear dear Daddyjan used to give some cash also (in Pakistan it is called Eidi) to all these people who worked at his home including the driver. This Ramadan too our dear beloved mother gave Eidi to all of these domestic helpers including the driver. This stone heart driver was present at the scene of the murder when the murder took place. This heartless driver along with many other people stood watching an innocent 79 years old man, our dear beloved and most respected Daddyjan, who many times had been the honour of becoming the Pride of The Nation, die and he did not do anything to help him or to take him to the hospital because he did not have the orders to do so. Those who ordered were also in direct contact with him and they were watching him too.

Our dear beloved Daddyjan used to finish reciting two Quan e Kareem by the 27th of every Ramadan. This Ramadan too, before his death our dear beloved Daddyjan finished reciting two Qurans. It was the routine that when our dear pious Daddyjan finished Quran our dear beloved mother would make some special eatables for our Daddyjan and all present in home. All people present at home would sit together on the table with him then first our dear beloved Daddyjan would recite some excerpts from the Quran which he knew by heart and then he would make supplications and all present at the table would say ‘aameen’ a little loudly after each of his supplications. May Allah accept all his worships ‘ibadat’, and his supplications ‘duaen’. Aameen.

In the end we would again request all the respected readers to pray with us that soon the killers and their accomplices be captured and be punished by the state of Pakistan. Aameen. Only Allah knows whose supplications He Sub Han Wa Ta’ala accepts. Our small minds may think it is something impossible but against all odds Allah only has to say ‘be’ (kun) and it will ‘be done’ (fayakoon). We are sure the killers and their accomplices will get punished soon. We wait and we pray. So please be with us and pray with us our dear beloved innocent Daddyjan needs your prayers at this time. Aameen. And we thank you all for staying with us and for praying with us for our dear beloved Daddyjan. May Allah bless you and may Allah make your life easy for you. Aameen.


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