Listen to two audio lectures in Urdu on the topic of Zakat

Assalaam alaikum dear relatives and friends,

If you want to know all about Zakat please go to, click Lectures, then click Makki Al-Hijazi, there you wil find audio lectures on the topic of Maslae Zakat. There are two lectures on Maslae Zakat and each one is an hour long. Really worth listing to. All questions that come to mind about Zakat are answered. Or you can copy-paste the following links and listen to these lectures. Thank you.

Maslae Zakat 1 of 2

Maslae Zakat 2 of 2


About Shaykh Mohammad Khair Makki al-Hijazi: Shaykh Mohammad Khair Makki al-Hijazi is a Hanafi scholar of Pakistani origin who resides in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and who holds a scholarly lecture everyday near the Bab al-Umrah at the Haram aimed towards Urdu speaking pilgrims. He is the senior-most Hanafi (a Sunni school of jurisprudence) shaykh in Mecca.

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