The completion of Fourth Hijri year after our innocent father was brutally murdered in broad day light

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Complete four Hijri years have passed now, when our dear innocent father Janab Air vice Marshal Muhammad Latif Tambra sahab, May his soul rest in peace aameen, took his last breath on the 27th of Ramadan 1428 H, Gregorian year was 2007. Our innocent father is not getting justice any where close. No one is extending any worldly help to us. Allah All- Mighty is the only help we look forward to.

Pakistan police system is in deep sleep, as usual. For the time being things are at a stand still and are not moving forward at all. Our innocent father died when Musharaf was ruling Pakistan. Just after 27 days of our innocent father’s death Pakistan’s renowned politician Mohtarema Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. After conducting fake elections Musharaf handed over power to Asif Ali Zardari and things in Pakistan went from bad to worse.

Justice for our innocent father is taking time, but we are hopeful that our innocent father’s murderers along with their accomplices will be captured soon InshaAllah Aameen. This is because our father was innocent. He was a pious, clean person. He never ever intentionally did any wrong thing to any one. He was a hardworking, self-made person. He was a humble person who held extreme respect among his relatives, friends and colleagues i.e. every where he lived and worked. All his life he had been a giver. With Allah’s help he achieved what was extremely unusual for many Pakistanis, but at the end of his life, he became the victim of some one else’s (Mian Abdul Jabbar Gihllin & Mian Abdus Samad) greed. We believe his death was also as Allah planned for him. And Only Allah will give him justice in this world and also in the Hereafter. We are going through a test (azmaish) concerning our innocent father’s death. We pray we remain steadfast in these testing times and we soon see our innocent father getting justice. We are hopeful for the capture of our innocent father’s murderers and their accomplices, because we pray to Allah and believe in Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala only.

In our father’s life time he had many good friends, relatives, his students, colleagues, and people who admired him and envied him, but in his death he was alone. And he is alone even now- no friend, no relative, no one came up to help him- although in his life time he helped many. The testing times are the best judge of friendships, relations and peoples. Only Allah is on his side. And Allah is The Best Care Taker of every thing.

We request all our family, our friends and all the readers of this article, please remember our innocent father in your prayers. Aameen. And also please pray that our innocent father’s murderers along with their accomplices get captured and get punished soon. Aameen. May be when you are praying that is the time for the acceptance of the supplications (dua) by Allah and Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala accepts all your supplications including supplications for our innocent father. Aameen. We trust in the power of your and our prayers and supplications. May Allah All-Mighty accept all supplications made for our innocent father, Aameen.


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