Desret safari, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

At home we had small lunch so that during sand dune bashing we do not feel nausea. The vehicle was clean and was kept cool by good AC. We had sand dune bashing. Then we were dropped at the desert camp. We had camel ride there. We observed sun set. There we had sand skating which was tough thing to do in sand. We rode motor bike there as well. Weather was cold after sun set. It was in the desert. Sand was all around. We could look at the stars because in the strong lights of UAE stras are hardly visible. We stood in lines, one line was for men to stand and the other for women to stand. We took food from there in the paper plates they provided us with. Then we got seated on the cushions on the carpets which were around a stage. We had dinner there. Food was good.  After dinner we watched a dance program. It was all very enjoyable. After the dance we were dropped at the point from where we were picked up.


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