Our dear Daddyjan’s 84th birthday.

Two days back on the 3rd of March 2012 was the 84th birthday of our dear dear father, Janab AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra sahib shaheed, whom I lovingly called Daddyjan since my childhood. When ever I think about my dear father his smiling face come to my mind as he was, always smiling during his life.

I remember when our dear Daddyjan used to go for work in the morning we used to accompany him to the car. The driver used to open the door for him. Then he used to sit in the car, we used to close the door for him and used to wave him goodbye saying ‘Allah hafiz’. When our dear Daddyjan used to come back from work, he used to say ‘Assalaam alaikum’ in a loud enough voice so that all at home could hear him clear enough. But usually as soon as we used to hear the gate being opened and his car being parked in the porch, we used to stop whatever work we were doing and used to rush to the main door to greet him. Immediately entering home he would look for our dear respected mother to greet her. Those were such nice days. We are so proud of both our parents. And we are so thankful to both our darling parents for showing us such a nice beautiful and respectful life. They practically showed us how to live life Islamic way, beautifully, enjoyably and happily.

We love you both, our dear Daddyjan and dear Ammijan. May Allah give our innocent, pious, hardworking, celebrated father a higher place among Illiyeen in Jannat ulFirdaus and may Allah give our mother long healthy life so she along with us, are able to see the worldly punishment of Mian Abdul Jabbar Gihllin, his son Mian Abdus Samad Gihllin and their accomplices. Aameen.


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