Our Dear Daddyjan’s Eighty Fifth Birthday

Yesterday was the 85th birthday of our dear innocent father Janab AVM Mohammad Latif Tambra shaheed. I prayed for him and sent him gifts through supplications. May Allah give him high place in Janat al Firdaus with Illiyeen. Aameen.
When we were young our neighbors changed frequently as our dear father served in Pakistan Air Force. Whenever we had the company of some new neighbor, especially any of those who had sons of their own, they used to sympathies (as an old custom in Pakistan) to our dear lovely mother mentioning the fact that our parents had four daughters only and no son. Our dear respected mother used to reply, when my daughters get marry my son- in- laws will be my sons. I will be so loving and nice to them that when they reciprocate they will become better than any one’s own sons. This was a good reply to make their cheap mouths shut. But among ourselves our dear father used to correct our dear mother that other people’s kids can never become ours whatever good we may do and however nice we may be to them. They will be good to us only if Allah Wills.
Fate held martyrdom (shahadat) for our dear innocent father on 10th Oct 2007. Our dear father saw four wars in his life time as an adult. First the war of independence 1947, then the second and the third wars with India in 1965 and 71 respectively, and the last one also with India the Kargil war of 1999. As in all wars these were also bloody wars with much torture asnd suffering for both sides. During all those wars he did not have even a bruise because of a bullet. He used to say for a soldier there are only two ways of life, holding thumb in the air as if counting, a Ghazi (one who wins), then extending the index finger in the air along with the thumb, or a Shaheed (one who is martyred). But in 2007 Pakistan was not having any open wars with India and our dear father got martyred by four bullets, one in the head and three in the chest. This was the fate of an honest, courageous, gallant person who was and is so precious to us, who was and is our life, will always be till the end of our lives. He will always be remembered with good words till the end of this world. May Allah be pleased with him. Aameen.
All those who read, please , pray for our innocent father that he may have high place in Jannat al Firdaus with Illeyeen and that his murderers (and their accomplices as well) be caught and be punished soon. Aameen.


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