Remembering our Dear DaddyJan on his 86th birthday.

On the 3rd of March 2014 our dear innocent, respected father Janab AVM Mohammad Latif Tambra shaheed’s birthday passed. I pray for him and send him gifts through supplications. He used to off prayers regularly, used to finish The Holy Quran twice a year, used to help relatives- friends and the needy. He was a very kind, honest and hard working person. He was good to his neighbors and colleagues. He used to give food and household items as gifts (sadaqat) to poor and needy. May Allah accept all his good deeds, forgive his mistakes and may Allah give him high place in Janat al Firdaus with Illiyeen. Aameen.

On this occasion I remember our glorious and glamorous past. Our parents gave us a happy and a peaceful childhood, and a contented, fortunate and a secure life. He was a well read person. He had an amazing ability to relate to beauty, the most common incidents and  the usual occurrences in life. We miss our DaddyJan’s hearty laughs, his anecdotes, his witty jokes, and his shining face. Our dear DaddyJan used to keep a cheerful, lighter air around his presence.

Our beautiful past will always be with us, giving us strength to go through our present, making our present beautiful as well in the light of past beautiful experiences in accompany with our parents and sisters. May Allah make us good parents too. So that when we die our children also remember us as a beautiful past.

Our DaddyJan also had a beautiful past. We have this beautiful commonality with our DaddyJan of having past beauty to remember. He used to remember his grand mother, his parents, specially his mother, and his teachers extremely fondly. He used to remember many people. May Allah give his grand mother, his parents, his teachers and all those who were loved by our dear DaddyJan, and who are no more in this world now, higher places in Jannat ul Firdaus. Aameen.


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