Those were the days. Chronicle of a PAF Engineer. By Air Commodore Athar Mahmood Qureshi.

Assalaam alaikum dear friends,

We are thankful to brother Janab Air Commodore Athar Mahmood Qureshi sahab for remembering our dear father Janab AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra sahab with good words in his book, Those were the days. Chronicle of a PAF Engineer.

This is a very nice book. It gives a close peep in the life of a PAF Officer from Engineering branch. Those who wish to know more about an Engineering Officer’s life should read it. I highly recommend it.

Below is the excerpt from his book where our dear respected father is mentioned. And our dear respected Mother made all those dishes for them. Thanks again brother Janab Air Commodore Athar Mahmood Qureshi sahab.

Thanks for being with me.

Allah Hafiz,


in 1981… page 102

Unlike many other places, Pakistani embassy in Paris was quite helpful. One reason may be that Group Captain Tambra, one of our teachers at CAE (College of Aeronautical Engineering) was technical Attache in Paris at that time. He looked after us quite well, and was kind enough to invite us to his residence many a times giving us an opportunity to relish the Pakistani dishes. We were heavily dependent on embassy on all matters concerning finances, travelling expenses, medical facility and other administrative issues. There was never a problem and things were handled competently and promptly.


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