Seven years after the death of Janab AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra sahab.

In the name of Allah the Most-Gracious, the Most-Merciful.

Today was the day, the 10th of October, seven years ago, in the year 2007, that we lost our dear father, our DaddyJan. May his soul rest in peace. Aameen. When he was alive we never anticipated his death was so near because he was keeping generally a good health. We could never imagine that he would pass to the next world the way he did. It was a shock for us at that time. Still this shock haunts us. As a worldly thought that comes to mind is that he met this tragedy only because he did not have a son at his back. But we know it was because Allah destined it to happen this way.

We miss deeply our dear DaddyJan each and every day that passes with out him. And we will do that till our death. Each morning when we complete our sleep, even before we open our eyes in the morning, we remember our dear DaddyJan. We pray for him. Only after doing that we leave the bed and start our day. Each night before we sleep we remember him, and pray for him. His vibrant smiling face is all the time with us. We remember him as he was when he was alive. His presence was so heart warming and so comforting. In each Namaz we remember him, and his parents, and pray for them all. He used to remember his loving mother a lot, who used to take so much pride in him.

He had been a good example all his life, a university in himself. Each and every person who met him had something to learn from him no matter what profession he/ she was in. He learnt only good things from life and propagated them. He left the legacy of a vast array of good manners, politeness, love, and respect. We try to be like him, so loving, so helpful, so caring, so selfless. No way any one can be like him. He was so supreme a being, so marvelous, so great, so gentle.
May Allah give him and his parents high place in Jannat al Firdaus. Aameen. May Allah give them the best of that World from His Fadal. And also give them the good news and the good news of successes of their relatives and of people they knew in this world, the world that they left, to make their that life even more happier and colorful. Aameen. May he be united with those he loved in this world, and who are in that world now. Aameen.
And may our dear DaddyJan’s murderers [Mian Abdul Jabbar, Mian Abdus Samad] and their accomplices [Sarfaraz, Khwaj Muhammad, Hakeem, Ahmed hassan, also the advocate who worked in the Jason Company in 2007 and SSP Azad Khan. These plus all those who took part in murder and all those who helped to hide the murder] be captured, and be punished and their bullets ridden bodies be received by their relatives out side the jail gates. Aameen.

for Allah is All-Knowing, All-Powerful. 16:70


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