On the eighty-seventh birthday of our Dear Dear Beloved Daddyjan, Janab AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra shaheed.

Assalaam alaikum Dear Family and Friends,

Today on the Third of March 1928/ 10 Ramadan 1346 A.H.,  our dear dear Daddyjan was born. Today is our Beloved Daddyjan’s 87th birthday. He spent a glorious, satisfactory, fulfilling and wonderful life.

On this day we remember him by offering prayers for him and by offering supplications for him. May Allah Ji accept all his prayers and supplications as well which he offered in his life time, and give him high place in Jannat ul Firdaus. Aameen. And may Allah forgive his all saghira kabira gunaah (Major and Minor Sins). Aameen, Thume Aameen.

And may Allah reward him for the good influence he has been on us all and to all people he ever met. Forever. He was a Mohsin, a Good Doer, a Truthful, an Honest, and a Sincere person. May Allah SubHanWaTaala reward him for all the good he did to His people on this earth, to the ones who are living and to the ones, who are here no more as well. Aameen. May Allah Ji make his Darajat Buland, give him higher places in Jannat ul Firdaus with the Illiyeen, and with all those good people he loved in his life but who died before him or after him. Aameen.

He was a university in himself. We have so much to learn from him. And to live the good way he taught us by doing practically. And to exert a good influence around us as he did. And to keep his legacy alive.

May Allah Pak make us and our children be Sadqae Jariya for him and for our beloved respected Mother. And may our off-springs be Sadqae Jariya for us too. Aameen.


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