Saif-ul-Malook | Mian Muhammad Baksh -4/8

Assalaam alaikum dear family and friends,

I read this poetry, liked it, and am sharing it with you.

Saif ul Muluk verse 62

sada na baghiin bulbul bole, sada na mauj baharan

sada na ma pey husn javani, sada na sohbat yaran

Allah Hafiz,


Sufi Poetry

Selected poetry from Hazrat Mian Muhammad Baksh Saheb’s “Saif-ul-Malook”. English translation by Khamosh Tamashai.


Iqbal Bahu


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(Part 4 of 8 )

saif_ul_malook_57The pots of the nori, filled with tears, turn and empty them into soul,
Not for every will this hustle be, nor the good times.


If love has been absorbed by a heart, it never leavers it,
Even if it comes a thousand beauties, the beloved is never exchanged.

saif_ul_malook_59Your support is my refuge O Allah., I cannot think of anything else
The lamp which you light yourself, how can anybody extinguish?


The key of every difficulty, my friend, has been acquired by men,
When men pray, no difficulty remains.

saif_ul_malook_61To talk of the special in front of the ordinary is not at all appropriate,
(It is like) cooking a sweet dessert and…

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