About me and my interests.

I am a middle aged, graduate, Pakistani and a house wife person. My parents are very large hearted, loving, a great inspiration, and the best persons I have ever met. My late father (may his soul rest in peace) was a retired Air Vice Marshal from Pakistan Air Force. My mother is a housewife. I have three wonderful sisters. My husband is an engineer by profession and worked as a lead auditor in Dubai for 14 long years. Now he is working in the UAE, in DMAT Department of Municipality Authority Transport as a Consultant since 2014.

I am thankful to Allah that He All-Mighty gave me a beautiful, clean, and comfortable life. I am a mother of two wonderful grown ups, a son, a Masters Graduate working in Abu Dhabi, and a daughter, Masters in Electronics Engineering from UAE completed in Dec 2015.

AlHamDoLillaah our son got married in April 2016.

This month in September 2016/ Zul Hijjah 1437 our beloved daughter got engaged. She will be getting married next year In-Sha-Allah. Please pray for her better life ahead. Aameen.

My interests; I like to read on healthy eating, old age, longevity, nutrition, food, different places, their history and religions. I like to read in particular Muslim History, Quran Kareem and Traditions of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. I like to tend to plants. I enjoy contacting relatives and friends. I try to be good to all I meet, but quite choosy about long term friendships. I am a strong believer in Allah Almighty and enjoy doing some religious activity daily. I love to practice Islam and enjoy the peace it offers.
Some books I loved to read;
1) The Life of MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him). Language: English. The original book ‘Sirat Rasul Allah’ was written by Muhammad Ibn Ishaq in Arabic which was translated by Alfred Guillaume in English. This is the first English translation of ‘Sirat Rasul Allah’ which was published in 1955. This book tells about the period before the birth of The Prophet (PBUH) and also about the life of The Last Prophet (PBUH) from birth, childhood, adulthood till his death. All the details are in the light of The Traditions of The Prophet (PBUH) and in the light of The Quranic verses. This book is beautifully detailed and the original one.
2) Khakam ba dahan. Language: Urdu.
Author: Mushtaq Ahmed Yousefi. It is a wonderfully written humorous book.
3) Zer Guzasht. Language: Urdu.
Author: Mushtaq Ahmed Yousefi. It is an autobiography of the author which is written in an extremely humorous way.
4) The Life of SALAH UD DIN AYYUBI. Language: English. Originally it was written in Arabic by Abu el-Mehasan Yusuf ibn-Rafi ibn-Temim el-Asadi popularly known by his surname, BEHA ED DIN (b.1145-d.1234), who was a Qadi and also a historian of The Great Muslim Hero Sultan Salah ud din Ayyubi. It was translated by C. W. WILSON in 1897. This book tells us about the lineage of Salahud din, his birth , his education, his noble character, his skills, his bravery, his wars and the peace he established at that time among Muslims, Christians and Jews.
5) The Holy Quran
Author: Allah Sub Han Wa Ta’ala. Language: Arabic.
It gives importance and meaning to life. It gives rules and regulations for life. It offers strength and peace.


3 Responses to About me and my interests.

  1. Thanks a lot MuQeet. How are you?

  2. samia2010oct says:

    Thanks Abid for the appreciation.

  3. Abid Abbasi says:

    Great work really great
    Jordan pic…..

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