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Dr Israr Ahmed’s lecture on “Islami Riasat Main Taxon ka Nizam”.

Dr Israr Ahmed’s lecture on “Islami Riasat Main Taxon ka Nizam”. Continue reading

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Story of Imam Malik (RH)

Assalaam alaikom, A very nice lecture on Imam Malik (RH). Thanks for being with me. Samia.

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Video. Mysteries of Mohenjo Daro.

Thousands of years ago, the mysterious city of Mohenjo Daro was home to an unknown, advanced and prosperous civilization that used technology and constructed buildings that were unique to the ancient world. Artifacts, relics and ruins reveal startling evidence that the inhabitants of Mohenjo Daro possessed inventions that were far ahead of their time. How and from whom did these remarkable people acquire knowledge of such sophisticated technology? Why did this enigmatic civilization vanish? The history of the ancient world is full of secrets. Continue reading

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Third Battle of Panipat. 14 Jan 1761.

On this day (14th January), during the year 1761, the third battle of Panipat was fought on the plains of Panipat, north of Delhi. The Afghan forces, under Ahmed Shah Abdali defeated the Maratha Confederacy, and therefore halting the expanding … Continue reading

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After 10 years of passing of AVM Muhammad Latif Tambra sahab.

Assalam alaikom dear relatives and friends, Today is 10th of October 2017 AD / 20 Muharram 1439 AH. According to Christian calendar exactly 10 years ago, on 10th of October 2007 AD / 27th of Ramadan 1428 AH, our respectable, … Continue reading

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When England admired Islam- The Wall Street Journal.

BOOKSHELF When England Admired Islam Without Muslims there would be no sugar or Shakespeare in England. Jerry Brotton’s “The Sultan and the Queen” traces Islam’s profound influence over English culture during the half-millennium between the Crusades and the rise of … Continue reading

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Ottoman History Podcast: History of Science, Ottoman or Otherwise

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